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Contemplating the River - Mythos
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I was looking though an old book on African Art and my eyes stopped and fixated on this old photo of a bronze from the 13th century Nigeria. The figure was positioned on the banks of a river, it was poetic the way time had seemed to eat away at the ancient statue. He seemed to be in peace, even as nature was washing him away.

As he stared at the flowing river before him, only vast fleeting nature was there to greet him.

So there he was, before the river of time, unable to move. Accepting it because he is part of it. In fact he was only nature reflecting on itself.

Multi-fired, slab built stoneware
Wood & Resin
Handmade in the South of France.
Stamped and signed.

33H x 27W x 25Dcm Weight 5 kg

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