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Shibusa 渋さ 007 - Grand
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Shibusa (渋さ) is defined as an enriched, subdued appearance or experience. Fine quality with economy of form, line, and effort, producing a timeless tranquility.

Shibusa objects appear to be simple overall but they include subtle details, such as textures, that balance simplicity with complexity.

This balance ensures that the one does not tire of the object, but constantly finds new meanings and beauty that cause its aesthetic value to grow over the years.

Shibusa walks a fine line between contrasting aesthetic concepts such as elegant and rough or spontaneous and restrained.

Subdued colors, muddied with grey tones create a silvery metal alloy effect that ties different colors together in a coordinated scheme. Shibusa colors range from pastels to dark. Brown, black, and soft white are preferred.

Quiet monochromes and sparse subdued design provide a somber serenity with a hint of sparkle. Occasionally, a patch of bright color is added as a highlight.

Handmade in the South of France.
Stamped and signed.
Nontoxic glaze. Will not fade or rub off.
Can be washed.
Suitable for use as a vase.

H26 x W15cm

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